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20th Anniversary Edition of Rich Dad Poor Dad Special Pre-Order Offer has ended.
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  • Learn how to make money without a job
  •  Teach your kids to be smarter about money than you were
  • Understand why 'Savers Are Losers' & to free yourself from that trap
  •  Learn why I say 'Your House is NOT an Asset!' 
  • 9 brand new study session sections included!
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Celebrity Endorsements:
  • "I want my kids to have a financial comprehension to not be slaves to working and money the way my mind has been for a really long time"
    -Will Smith
  • "I remember thinking that Robert had a knack for making things easy to comprehend. He's big of a storyteller, and that is one of the keys to making things accessible to people."
    - Donald Trump
  • "It changed my thinking. When you understand, you can do it. There are some principles that free you up. Your life changes."
    -Glenn Beck
From Amazon:
  • "My favorite wealth making book, it is a great inspiring book. I learned a lot by reading this book I am currently in the process of planning for wealth. this book guides you the through all you need to know before you start thinking about acquiring wealth."
    - Folad Y. Aurangzib
  • "I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is seeking after financial freedom! I learned so much about how to invest and the way that my mind should be thinking!
    - Erin Goedel
  • "I just wish this book was air dropped to schools in Appalachia when I was a kid. Kiyosaki really does a solid job of cracking the code on generating true wealth."
    - Joe
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Book study is a part of the Rich Dad philosophy: read, discuss, study...and discuss again. This 20th Anniversary edition includes 9 new study session sections to use as you read, re-read, discuss, and study this book with your friends and family.
Only $17.95 US + $7.00 Shipping
(Sorry, Pre-Orders available ONLY in the US)